Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Bisnis

Published April 27, 2014 by farahisna

Gerund       = verb + ing

Singular     = bernilai satu barang

Plural         = jamak

  • Subject and Verb Agreement

–        Each                      singular                       singular

Every                    noun                            verb




Each book in the library    is        very interesting

S                      v                     c

Every girls and boys are in the class

Is = singular


Nb: subjek yang diikuti prepositional phrase, verb singular/plural ditentukan oleh subjeknya



The historical book on that table is interesting

The fruit price at those markets is cheap

Ket :

The historical book

The fruit


  • Gerund sebagai subjek, verb harus singular

–        Eating vegetables               is good for your health

–        Walking in the park is relaxing


Some of

A lot of                               singular noun = verb singular

Most of                              plural noun = verb plural

A half of




Example :

Some of books are hers (plural)

Most of our assignment is easy (singular)


One of

Each of                               selalu diikuti plural noun = verb singular

Everyone of


Ex:   Friends = plural noun

One of my friend­s is here                         
is = singular verb


The number of plural noun, verb singular ( the number = jumlah)

A number of plural noun, verb plural (a number = banyak/sejumlah)


  • A number of student are late today

Sejumlah mahasiswa telat hari ini

  • The number of student in this class is 40

Jumlah mahasiswa dikelas ini 40


Latihan :

  1. The subject you will studying in this course (is) listed in syllabus

Ket: the subject (s) merupakan singular noun, maka verbnya (is) merupakan singular verb.

  1. The professor and the student (agree) on that point

Ket: karena merupakan singular noun, maka verb yang digunakan singular

  1. Almost every professors and student at the university (approves)

Ket: karena merupakan singular noun, maka verb yang digunakan singular. Approves merupakan singular dan approve merupakan plural.

  1. Why (were) yoko and alex late for the meeting?

Ket : subjek plural, verb plural

  1. Some of fruit in this bowl (are) rotten

Ket : some of + singular noun, verb singular

  1. Most of movies (are) funny

Ket : some of + plural noun, verb plural

  1. Half of this money (is) yours

Ket : subjek singular, verb singular

  1. A lot of clothing in this store (is) on sale this week

Ket : a lot of + subject gerund, verb singular

  1. The number of employees in my company (is) approximately ten thousand

Ket : the number + plural noun, verb singular

  1. Why (was, were) some of the students excused from the examination

Ket : some of + plural noun, verb plural









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